Flashforge Inventor II 3D Printer

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Available Spring 2017

4 taps to start building.

It doesn’t get any easier than this.

Select your build files from the menu with the intuitive 3.5” HD IPS touchscreen display. Monitor the print progress with time until completion. Start printing in just 4 taps, all without connecting cables to the computer.


Biodegradable PLA filament.

Totally safe for indoor use.

PLA filament is a non-toxic material made from corn starch. It is used in Flashforge Inventor II so you can enjoy the fun of 3D printing while protecting the environment and more importantly, yourself. It is the perfect 3D printer for the classroom and home.

Child-safe intelligent door.

Good for deterring prying hands too.

Flashforge Inventor II’s intelligent door is equipped with a sensor that auto-detects opening and closing. When the door opens, all print jobs come to a halt. It makes 3D printing safe for kids to use. It also deters even the most curious hands from ruining print jobs too.


Elegant. Quiet. Safe to use.

More enjoyable 3D printing experience.

Flashforge Inventor II is designed with kids and beginners in mind. Cables are concealed within the plastic alloy casing. The hot extruder nozzle is protected from accidental touches. It is very quiet too—at levels as low as 50 dB, it gives your ears freedom while you concentrate on the next idea.

Smart support structure.

So you can build complex designs.

The newest FlashPrint automatically creates support structures based on the design’s overhang angle. Easily add more structural support or remove existing ones. Even the most sophisticated designs can be made to real life without dual print heads.


Small form factor,

capable of building big ideas.

FlashPrint’s cut and split function lets you divide the design into different parts. So you can build objects far bigger than the build area.

Next generation Wi-Fi module.

Faster, more stable connection.

Send files wirelessly to Inventor II by connecting to your Wi-Fi network. Gone are the days of USB cables and SD cards. New Wi-Fi module transfers files up to 45% faster than before, giving you a seamless printing experience.


The start of something new.

This is Flashforge Inventor II.


Assortment of premium filament.


Recommended for use with Flashforge and all filament-based 3D printers. Made with biodegradable material that is safe to use indoors and around children. All of our filament is tested to have smooth extrusion that minimizes the chance of nozzle jams.

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